Paper Submission & Author Guidelines

Paper submission due:  November 01 10, 2021

Papers must be original, unpublished full papers, written in USA English and must be at least 10 pages, including abstract, figures, tables and references. Authors team restriction is no more than four persons. Neither plagiarism nor self-plagiarism should take place.

Papers not satisfying these criteria will be excluded from the review.

The submitted papers must be pdf-files. Make best efforts to embed all fonts (as in final submissions) since the lack of this may cause problems for the reviewers.


For the IT&I conference 

All submitted papers must use Microsoft Word CEUR template, obtained from the previous link. Helpful information for paper formatting can be found on the “Publishing at”.

For the satellite conference 

Please use this Microsoft Word template.

Submission Tool

To submit your paper please use this EasyChair submission form (

Review process

All papers will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers and the authors will be notified about the acceptance via email. Acceptance of submitted papers will be based on quality, novelty, and relevance to the conference.

Final Paper Submission

All papers go through a plagiarism detection process.

The final paper submission has to follow these four steps:

  1. Fill the registration form here. 
    * the papers won’t be accepted without a filled registration form
  2. Add a copyright notice into your paper.
  3. Create pdf file.
  4. For the IT&I conference: Download the paper through the EasyChair system (
    For the satellite conference: send the paper to the